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Rumah Sakit Nasional Diponegoro melayani BPJS Kesehatan    Jadwal Tes Pemeriksaan Kesehatan mahasiswa baru Program Doktor dan Magister Semester Genap Gelombang II Tahun Akademik 2017/2018 Universitas Diponegoro

Prof.DR.Dr. Susilo Wibowo M.S.Med.,Sp.AND » Profil Dokter

Prof.DR.Dr. Susilo Wibowo M.S.Med.,Sp.AND

Direktur Utama


Sarjana Kedokteran, UNDIP, Indonesia (1978)
Dokter Umum, UNDIP, Indonesia (1980)
Magistrat Sain Medicinae (1984)
Airlangga University, Indonesia,
sandwich dengan Mahidol University,Bangkok
Doctor of Philosophy (1988)
Airlangga University, Indonesia,
sandwich dengan Sydney University, Sydney
Andrology Spesialist (1991)
Airlangga University, Indonesia
In Population Genetics
(Rockefeller Foundation, 1 year grant) Mahidol University, Bangkok.
under W.H.O. Special Program for Pop Genetics
Thai-Cambodian Border joint with Armed Force
Research Institute for Medical Science (AFRIMS, 8 month grant)
on Reproductive Health (IVF, AIH, Family Planning)
Helsinki, Finland (IPPF, London, 6 month grant)

Riwayat pekerjaan/jabatan
1994-1995 Staf Ahli Pembantu Rektor IV
1995-1999 Staf Ahli Pembantu Rektor I
1999-2000 Pembantu Dekan II Fakultas Kedokteran UNDIP, Indonesia
2000-2006 Pembantu Rektor IV bidang Pengembangan & Kerjasama (2 periods)
2006-2011 Rektor UNDIP
2006-2010 Ketua Dewan Pengawas RSUP Dr. Kariadi (dibawah MenKes)
2011-2013 Ketua pengembangan RS PTN (RS Nasional Diponegoro)
2013- Direktur Utama RS Nasional Diponegoro (RSND)

Riwayat kepegawaian
1980-1981 Calon Pegawai Negeri Sipil (III/A)
1981-1983 Asisten Ahli Madya (III/A)
1983-1985 Asisten Ahli (III/B)
1985-1994 Lektor Muda (III/C)
1994-2001 Lektor Kepala Madya (III/D)
2001-2002 Guru Besar III/D
2002-2004 Guru Besar IV/A
2004-2006 Guru Besar IV/B
2006-2008 Guru Besar IV/C
2008-2010 Guru Besar IV/D
2010- Guru Besar IV/E

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11. Wibowo S. Joint Research Linkake Between Universitas Diponegoro in Developing Country (Indonesia) with Universities in Developing Countries. International Network on the Role of University in Developing Area (INRUDA). Held at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), Melbourne. Australia. 11th-14th July 1995
12. Wibowo S. Co-Operative Academic Education (Co-Op) programme, A New Type of University-Industry Partnership in Indonesia . The Association of Southeast Asian Institution of Higher Learning (ASAIHL) Singapore, 6-8-Des-1996 (Country Representative)
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16. Wibowo S. Possible effet of oral Pimpinella alpina and Euricoma longifolia (phyto-androgen) on reducing apoptosis, delay aging, and restore erectile function. Osaka ED Forum. The 1st APSIR Regional Scientific Symposia. Osaka, Japan. April 9th 2004
17. Wibowo, S. Current Status of ED Treatment in Indonesia Osaka ED Forum. The 1st APSIR Regional Scientific Symposia. Osaka, Japan. April 9th 2004
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19. Wibowo S. University-Industry Linkages of Universitas Diponegoro, Problems and Solutions. ASAIHL meeting, June 22-23, 1995 Bangkok, Thailand, p:349-357

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